Michael on The Dating Game

Yeah…so?  What the heck? It’s my page..my blog; I can put what I want to on here. HEY! I’m just proving the statement made by Andy Warhol so many years ago that …’everyone will be famous for 15 minutes- whether they win prizes or not!  And the thing is: I WON prizes! Let’s see: Old Spice ‘Soap on a Duck’; a $25 coupon good for frozen pizza’s not yet available in Lost Angels, CA. where I was living; and oh yeah…the best: a collection of colored furniture marking pens to be used if  one’s furniture had dents and dings and being 21 years of age the concept of owning furniture was ridiculous! Well…I had my 15 minutes….what about YOU???

This video doesn’t exist

This was taped….I’m thinking…around 1979-1980; I had just moved to LACA!


3 Responses to “Michael on The Dating Game”

  1. liza levin Says:

    that girl on the dating game has huge cans..prob real for those daze!!
    my 15 minutes of fame?i painted a fiberglass cow for the new york “cowparade”……it was called “MOOMA”…..picassos’ first cubist painting was all over its body and udders!!
    it stood regally outside the russian tea room…..i sold it afterwards on EBAY and took a trip to italy………

  2. I wish the whole show was posted…that was excellent!

  3. jaydawg628 Says:

    The show was great, but I think you got shafted. Who cares where he puts the noodles you craked her up. Also, love that the commercials still in place I want those Addias in blue. And 4c tea wasn’t the best.

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