AIG Announces New Chairman and New Company Name!

swami2 New Chairman of the Board of AIG (American Insurance Group) that accidentally went into debt and had to borrow a paltry $170 billion, trillion just so they could stay afloat, and pay their executives a whopping $170 million, gazillion in bonuses to make sure they don’t jump ship and ply their leadership skills elsewhere, has decided to change the name of the company and is now insisting that everyone, especially the press and The White House now refer to AIG   as “AIN’T   IT  GRAND”

The new CEO, Wilmer M’acys Fingerdu, when asked about the change,…couldn’t stop laughing! When he finally got control of himself, he sputtered: “Isn’t this great? This is the funniest thing pulled on the Amercian people….right next to convincing them that GOLF is an actual sport! FORE!”


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