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Hello Seekers! Welcome to the world of snails & adventures and especially to Maxxnme’s WORLD O’ STUFF! Proving Yet Again That The World Is , Indeed, A Whacky Place!

Posted in Video Posts on March 13, 2009 by maxxnme


Maxx n’ Me

WoW! I got into this quite by happenstance; y’see… I had started (and still have it) a FACEBOOK page devoted strictly for business usage. As an executive recruiter/search consultant working within the realm of Class 3 Medical Devices (pretty serious stuff: Cardiac Rhythm Management Devices; Atrial Fibrillation), I thought I could use FB as a professional networking tool! LOLOLOL/Hahahaha/LMAO. Not likely!

So, I decided to scour the web for interest bits o’ information, mainly using STUMBLE UPON and venturing into nearly 130 different categories of web pages. The more unique-the better. The better they are…well…..then they get posted.

Mostly humorous but not always. Some visual-but not always! All forms of media are allowed! Enjoy-comments welcome. And remember…ladies and gentlemen: as always: NO WAGERING!

Just consider me the ‘Ripley’s Believe It or Else’ of my day!